Thursday, August 29, 2013

Skirts, skirts & more skirts!

Skirts are everywhere!
We couldn't be happier, because, really...
aren't they just the comfiest?

Don't get me wrong, a good pair of jeans can make your whole week,
but, sometimes you need or want to just "dress it up" a bit.
Know what I mean?

We've got skirts coming out of our ears and we really couldn't be happier.

Just a few:

Black & White Stripe Pencil Skirt

Black and Red Lace Skirt

Black Damask Maxi Skirt

Black Tie Dye Maxi Skirt

Mint Zig Zag Tie Dye Skirt
Let's talk about this Mint Zig Zag Tie Dye Skirt for a minute...
This fabric is beyond amazing.
It has to be the softest, flowiest, most comfortable thing I've put on in a while.
And it DOES NOT wrinkle.
I'm pretty sure the heavens opened and the angels sang the minute I put this on.
L O V E!

Which skirts do you love?

You can see these, and lots more NEW stuff over on our

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Maxi Giveaway!

Dear Wednesday,
You are the best day
and the most very favorite day of all.

We have a good one today!

Just head over to FACEBOOK
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your choice of color, style & size of

Can't wait to win?
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Wednesday, August 21, 2013


We love it!

Our slip extenders rock.  Seriously.
We have them in a jillion (8) colors and they just feel nice.
Know what I mean?

The little extra coverage is just fabulous!

You can win your choice of color & size!
(We have Small through Extra Large!)

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Monday, August 19, 2013

Black & White FAVORITES!

Black and white is such a great combination.
It never goes out of style and goes with pretty much everything.

We're just over the moon excited about a couple new things we just added to the shop!

Black Lace Top

Aztec Skirt
The best thing about black & white is that it goes with so much MORE than black & white, right?
What about these lovelies too:

 Sheer Coral Shirt
Solid Cardigan
The possibilities are endless, really...

Just another reason to love our brand new
Not to mention the fact that it's SUPER flattering and SUPER comfy!
The best, right?

We're kind of obsessing over this new skirt, you'll probably hear about it a lot.
Just warning you now.

*FREE SHIPPING* on your order of $30 or more ENDS tomorrow at midnight!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Dressy Dresses!

We're in a major DRESS phase.
Do you know what I mean?
I mean, we've gone over our obsession with maxi skirts, right?
Well, we're still swooning over them, but, we're entering a new phase...
a DRESS phase!

It's fun too because we have SO MANY NEW DRESSES!
Y A Y ! ! !
Have you checked them out lately?
Black Zig Zag Dress

Coral High Low Dress

Floral Print Dress

Mint Chevron Dress

Coral Chevron Dress

Talk about super stylish & comfortable!
We LOVE that!

We've got our mind on Fall coming too!
I'm imagining denim jackets and cardigans 
with leggings and boots!
Even more options, right?

We're over the moon in love with these dresses!

We mentioned comfortable, right?
And stylish?

Okay, good!


Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Another Wednesday!  YAY!
As always, we're super excited for our GIVEAWAY TODAY!
Nothing better than FREE, right?

First, it's Wednesday, obviously,
Second, it's our GIVEAWAY day, (another obviously?)
and Third!
It's our FAVORITE!


Just in time for school!

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Your choice of style & size of squeaky shoes priced at $14.99 or less!


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Monday, August 12, 2013

N E W !

We just finished up with
Back to School shopping!
Y A Y!
Pretty sure everyone in this house is ready to go back to school!
Summer has been good to us,
we've enjoyed every minute of it.
Getting back into a routine is looking pretty good about now.
The kids miss their friends they don't see all the time,
and I'm pretty sure they secretly miss the "routine" just as much as I do.

Now, am I the only Mom who likes to get a little something
NEW along with the kids for Back to School?
I'm thinking, No...

We just got this D A R L I N G striped dress in and I am obsessed!
Coral Striped High Low Dress

Could you just die?
It's the perfect amount of polished and comfortable!
Lots of room to cover up the imperfections, if you catch my drift.
And stripes.  Will I ever NOT love stripes?
(You should see my closet!)

We've got this little lovely ON SALE NOW
for only $31.99!

I'm seeing it now, enjoying the last few bits of Summer...
and then later, with a cardigan, or denim jacket with boots when it gets cooler!

Y A Y!

We have lots of new items coming in over the next few weeks!
It's like Christmas over here!

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

For the love of Chevron...

W E D N E S D A Y !
Who would've thought we'd love Wednesday so much?
It's a bit of an overlooked day, don't you think?
No one usually "loves" Wednesday, do they?
Am I overthinking this a "little" too much?
Afraid so.

We adore Wednesdays so much, Giveaways are really fabulous, aren't they?
Today is a favorite GIVEAWAY!
C H E V R O N !

Can we say enough about Chevron?
And do we ADORE these shirts?
Oh yes, so very much.

Super comfy and classic.
These shirts are PERFECT for Summer and 
transition perfectly into Fall!
You can win your choice of Color & Size,
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Choose between Yellow, Black, Navy & Fuschia
Sizes available in Small through Large
Can't wait to win?
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Happy Wednesday!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

New Shirts for Mom!

We fell in love with these 
gorgeous shirts the minute we saw them!
How can you not, honestly?
Is there anything better than polka dots?
I ask you...

Mint Polka Dot Shirt

Navy Polka Dot Shirt
Denim Lace Shirt
Back of Denim Shirt
Now, I KNOW I told you all about my love/obsession of denim the other day, right?
Could you DIE over this denim & lace shirt?
Talk to me about the perfect combination of classic style and classy lace!

A N D!

All three shirts are ON SALE NOW for only $29.99!

So, while you're back to school shopping for your little munchkins, 
you should do some back to school shopping for YOU!

You can find these and so many more GORGEOUS items HERE!