Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Spring Line

Let me start of by telling everyone Happy New Year! I am a little behind on my blogging so I guesss it is still close enough to the new year to tell you!
I am so excited for this year! I have many ideas floating around in my head and I am getting them all together to release our Spring Line. I have listened to many people's requests and ideas for new items. Some items are just a twist on baby accessories that have been around for years but it's always fun to see new designs. So here is a list of the new Spring Line!!
Coming February 1, 2009
New Squeaky Shoes!
This is a new line of 12 new girl styles and 5 new boy style of Squeaky Shoes. These are all very cute and not to many other boutiques are offering these styles because I went straight to the source for these styles.. China. I am able to offer very good wholesale pricing on the squeaky shoes so all of my wholesale customers check back to see the new line.
New Baby Booties!
Very cute line fitting newborn to 18 months.
New Beanies!
I am having these cutom made and I can add all sorts of fun embelishments.
New Boutique Bows!
I haven't had many listed on my site before, but now I am on top of my hectic life and have a full line of Bows available.
New Spring Flower Clips!
I have been searching all over for some cute new flowers. I love flowers in my girls hair in the spring so these will all be perfect!

New Super Soft Blankets!
Your child and you will fall in love with these blankets! I am going to offer them in Larger sizes because I promise you will want to snuggle with one to.
New Burp Rags!
Made to match all of the latest colors trends.
New Binkie Clips!
I love binkie clips!! We will be offering lots of different styles and colors.
New Baby Oopsie Daisey Belts!
This is the perfect accessory to complete you baby's outfit. Made to fit from newborn to 5 years!
New Baby Jewelry!
New Gift Sets!
We have put together tons of adorable gift sets. and as always we are trying to consider all budgets.
New Darling Tu Tu Cute Onesies!
These are the perfect gift for your next baby shower or pictures of your new baby!
Every little girl deserves to look like a princess with her Tu Tu Onesies and crystal crown headband she is sure to shine!
Ok that is a start to my Spring Line. I am sure I will think of more chic and fun items but that is a good start I think!!
As always drop me a line on any ides you might have for
Sophie's Chic Boutique!