Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Lots of STYLE on SALE!

We are so excited to announce a very special sale!
We are in LOVE with Chevron
and we couldn't wait to bring it to you!
Introducing the perfect dress for summer!
Chevron Dress in Coral
Lovely & light, perfect for summer!
This lovely number is available in:
Braided belt is Included!
Available in Sizes:
Small (0-4)
Medium (6-8)
Large (10-12)
Regular Price: $41.99
SALE: $29.99
Buy it! HERE!
Slip Extender in Off-White
See that cute lace trim at the bottom?  That is actually one of our Slip Extenders!
These extenders are perfect for adding length to your favorite dress or skirt!
We have them in SO MANY colors:
Light Pink
Hot Pink
Available in Sizes:
Small (0-4)
Medium (6-8)
Large (10-12)
Regular Price:  $31.99
SALE: $19.99
Buy it HERE!

Sale Prices Available NOW through Wednesday, May 1st and MIDNIGHT!

***These items will begin Shipping May 6- 8***

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


It's Wednesday and you know what that means?


We've got a giveaway going on RIGHT NOW over on our Facebook page!

Head on over now!  All you need to do is LIKE & SHARE to win
one pair of YOUR CHOICE of Squeaky Shoe priced at $14.99 or less!

Just click the link HERE and like & share your little hearts out!

Be sure to LIKE our Facebook page while you're there
(if you haven't already!)!  We have giveaways & special sales all the time!

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Free Shipping on orders over $30!

We love a good deal.  Call  us bargain shoppers.
You know the red tags at Target?  You know...
They're our favorite.
What's better than getting a good deal, I ask you?
Know what else we love?
We love our customers.  We love this wonderful community we've found ourselves in.
We love compliments, we love the pictures you send us...we love it all!
To say thank you to all of YOU,
we wanted to offer you a BARGAIN!
For all of your orders totalling $30 or more, you will receive
Nada on the shipping!
You know, we feel you on the bargains.
And we can't thank you enough !

Here's to MORE bargains for everyone!

Enjoy your FREE shipping!

Monday, April 22, 2013

We could use a little Spring!

Coral Flower Squeaky Sandal

I'm pretty sure I can tell you we are pretty obsessed with these new squeaky sandals!
Don't they just scream, "SPRING!"?
And really, couldn't we all use some Spring about now?
Oh sure, some of you are enjoying and have been enjoy Spring for a while now.
We've been teased and tormented, given a lovely day here and there.
Then it snows, or rains, or both.
We endure, but, we aren't so happy about it.
Then we see these shoes and suddenly, we're all warm and giddy inside.
Yep, shoes do that for me.
Don't they do that for you?
Thought so.

Do enjoy these lovely little numbers.
Imagine them on your little munchkin,
every step she takes makes a little *squeak*...
I call my little Piper when she wears them, 
'Squeaker Squeakins'
I love them because I can keep track of her.
Let's be honest, keeping track of a two year old is a challenge.
And then some.
You know, you can take out the squeakers if you need to, right?
Oh yes! Removable squeakers are heaven sent, especially if you're in church!
Or out to dinner.
Or around people who don't *love*  the squeakers
(they obviously don't have two year old's they're trying to keep track of)!

You'll find these, and even MORE at

And, Happy Spring!
Blue Denim Flower Squeaky Sandal

White with Yellow Flower Squeaky Sandal

Lexi Multi Flower Squeaky Sandal

White & Yellow Sunflower Squeaky Sandal

Coral Flower Squeaky Sandal

Pink Sunflower Squeaky Sandal

Purple Sunflower Squeaky Sandal

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Comfiest Headbands Ever!

 I can't tell you enough how much we are loving our new headbands!
These little numbers are the comfiest headbands ever!
I've got a VERY  particular,sensitive little girl who struggles with wearing anything
in her hair, but, she LOVES these!  They don't tug, they stretch and are so soft, you
can't tell there's anything on your head.  Awesome!
They look adorable with a flower or a bow, or on their own!
We couldn't love the chevron print (honestly, we couldn't, no matter how hard we try) more!
And these colors are perfect!  


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ruffle Petti Dress

cream with pink petti flower

black with hot pink petti flower


black petti dress with lace ruffle sleeve shirt and ruffle legwarmers

cream & aqua petti dress with lace ruffle sleeve shirt

pink & cream with satin bow

aqua & cream with cream petti flower
We are so in love with our brand new ruffle petti dresses!
We loved the petti rompers so much, we knew you'd love the dresses even more!
And did you notice the cap sleeve?  Lots of ruffles there too!
These dresses are super comfy and will grow with your little fashionista...
they look adorable as a dress and darling as a tunic!
Our lace shirts are perfect to layer underneath.
Lace leggings?

We're always listing new items!

Don't forget!

Free shipping on all orders over $30!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Bring it SPRING!

We are so excited for Spring!
We've got lots of new goodies for your little fashionista!
Gorgeous, fluffy, ruffly dresses!
Adorable squeaky shoes!
Lacy tops to layer underneath EVERYthing!
Flowers and headbands galore!

Happy Happy Spring!