Monday, August 12, 2013

N E W !

We just finished up with
Back to School shopping!
Y A Y!
Pretty sure everyone in this house is ready to go back to school!
Summer has been good to us,
we've enjoyed every minute of it.
Getting back into a routine is looking pretty good about now.
The kids miss their friends they don't see all the time,
and I'm pretty sure they secretly miss the "routine" just as much as I do.

Now, am I the only Mom who likes to get a little something
NEW along with the kids for Back to School?
I'm thinking, No...

We just got this D A R L I N G striped dress in and I am obsessed!
Coral Striped High Low Dress

Could you just die?
It's the perfect amount of polished and comfortable!
Lots of room to cover up the imperfections, if you catch my drift.
And stripes.  Will I ever NOT love stripes?
(You should see my closet!)

We've got this little lovely ON SALE NOW
for only $31.99!

I'm seeing it now, enjoying the last few bits of Summer...
and then later, with a cardigan, or denim jacket with boots when it gets cooler!

Y A Y!

We have lots of new items coming in over the next few weeks!
It's like Christmas over here!

Happy Monday!

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