Monday, August 19, 2013

Black & White FAVORITES!

Black and white is such a great combination.
It never goes out of style and goes with pretty much everything.

We're just over the moon excited about a couple new things we just added to the shop!

Black Lace Top

Aztec Skirt
The best thing about black & white is that it goes with so much MORE than black & white, right?
What about these lovelies too:

 Sheer Coral Shirt
Solid Cardigan
The possibilities are endless, really...

Just another reason to love our brand new
Not to mention the fact that it's SUPER flattering and SUPER comfy!
The best, right?

We're kind of obsessing over this new skirt, you'll probably hear about it a lot.
Just warning you now.

*FREE SHIPPING* on your order of $30 or more ENDS tomorrow at midnight!

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