Thursday, July 11, 2013

squeaky shoe LOVE & a SALE!

We have a lot of love for our squeaky shoes!
Our kids have worn them since they were tiny!  We love being able to keep track of them when we're in a store, and we love being able to remove the squeaker when we're in a "quiet"  place, 
like a meeting or at church.
Brian Brown Squeaky Sandal
Pearl White Ruffle Squeaky Sandal
 Aren't they just the cutest things ever?
As cute as these shoes are, many parents are finding that squeaky shoes are a great way to encourage their little ones to walk. With every step they hear the little squeak, and once they realize that they can make the sound, they are eager to make as many squeaks as they can. 
These shoes are also helpful for visually impaired children learning to walk.
Like I said, I love them because I can let my little one walk around the store (or the house
and know exactly where she is! 

Did I mention how comfortable and well made our squeaky shoes & sandals are?
I've passed all of my older daughter's shoes down to my younger daughter
 with plenty of wear left!
Coral Daisy Flower Squeaky Sandal

Cream Squeaky Sandal
 Squeaky shoes and sandals are the BEST shoes for little ones!
We can't get enough of them!
And we want YOU to love them too!

You can get squeaky sandals or shoes for only
$11.99 (reg. $14.99)!

Can you believe it?

Head over HERE to get some squeaky shoes for your little one!

SUMMER SALE is happening NOW through SUNDAY!

Just enter the code SUMMER20 at checkout!

Happy Shopping!

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