Tuesday, July 2, 2013

M A X I Skirt LOVE!

 I pretty much want to hug the inventor of the Maxi Skirt.
Like, a giant, bear hug.
Here's why...

Pink Diagonal Stripe Maxi

I mean, cute, right?
I'm pretty sure I wear a maxi skirt everyday.
We're having EXTREME heat lately, and, I have to tell you, these maxi skirts are really great.
Really.  Great.
Not a fan of the extreme heat.
But I'm a GIANT fan of the maxi skirt!
Multi Directional Maxi-LOTS of colors!

I can't get enough of the comfort!
The constant feeling of always looking "put together".
It's the BEST!
Polka Dot Maxi-LOTS of colors!
 Staying cool, keeping everything "covered" (if you know what I mean) while being a Mom is pretty much my "must have" for the Summer of 2013.  I'm taking full on advantage of this maxi skirt trend!

Mint Chevron Maxi

Black Chevron Maxi
Chevron is just the perfect print this summer, isn't it?

We really have too many fabulous maxi skirts than we can keep track of!
And they're priced from only $19.99 to $24.99!
So much style for such a little price!
What's better?

You can see all our Maxi Skirts

Happy Shopping!

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