Friday, June 7, 2013

Little girlie Maxi Skirt!

 We're totally the biggest fans of the maxi skirt.
I mean, really, how can't you be?
And you know how, for like, five minutes, your little girl wants to be just like you?
Seriously, you need to take full advantage of that.
Listen to me on this one, I know!
This little maxi skirt is just like mom!
Adorable, right?
Super comfy too.  
My daughter didn't want to take it off.
It was kind of a problem at bedtime.

Another bonus?
Super stretchy, comfy waist band.
What does this mean?
Well, for one, she can wear it for a long time,
the longer length means it's a cute maxi skirt, and then turns into
a super cute knee length skirt!


They're ON SALE for $14.99, regularly $34.99!
Sale Price good through Sunday, you better hurry!

You can get HER Maxi Skirt  HERE!

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