Friday, May 31, 2013

Classy! Classy! Classy!

Oh summer, how I love you!  I love your lazy days,  
your casual nights, your easy going afternoons.
However, dressing for you, dear summer, is a giant pain.  What is it?  Is it because I'm a Mom?  I seriously struggle to dress for the summer! You know how much I LOVE maxi skirts (hello, try and stop me from talking about them!)! Well, in our constant search for summer style, we came across these fabulous shirts!

Don't you just LOVE?
I know, we're dying over here too!
These are just perfect for summer, but they will carry into Fall perfectly too!
Wear them now with capris or shorts, then wear them with your favorite jeans when it cools down!
These lovelies will be coming soon to

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