Monday, April 22, 2013

We could use a little Spring!

Coral Flower Squeaky Sandal

I'm pretty sure I can tell you we are pretty obsessed with these new squeaky sandals!
Don't they just scream, "SPRING!"?
And really, couldn't we all use some Spring about now?
Oh sure, some of you are enjoying and have been enjoy Spring for a while now.
We've been teased and tormented, given a lovely day here and there.
Then it snows, or rains, or both.
We endure, but, we aren't so happy about it.
Then we see these shoes and suddenly, we're all warm and giddy inside.
Yep, shoes do that for me.
Don't they do that for you?
Thought so.

Do enjoy these lovely little numbers.
Imagine them on your little munchkin,
every step she takes makes a little *squeak*...
I call my little Piper when she wears them, 
'Squeaker Squeakins'
I love them because I can keep track of her.
Let's be honest, keeping track of a two year old is a challenge.
And then some.
You know, you can take out the squeakers if you need to, right?
Oh yes! Removable squeakers are heaven sent, especially if you're in church!
Or out to dinner.
Or around people who don't *love*  the squeakers
(they obviously don't have two year old's they're trying to keep track of)!

You'll find these, and even MORE at

And, Happy Spring!
Blue Denim Flower Squeaky Sandal

White with Yellow Flower Squeaky Sandal

Lexi Multi Flower Squeaky Sandal

White & Yellow Sunflower Squeaky Sandal

Coral Flower Squeaky Sandal

Pink Sunflower Squeaky Sandal

Purple Sunflower Squeaky Sandal

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